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Pressure Gauges

Pressure Gauges

Manometers are used for pressure measurements of liquids and gases.

Usage areas:

• In machinery manufacturing industry such as agricultural machinery, milking machines
• Hydraulic, Pneumatic industry
• In Pumps and Compressors
• In Heating and Cooling Systems
• In the water treatment industry and other industrial industries like these

Pressure Gauges 100mm Dry
Pressure Gauges 100mm Dry
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 Pressure Gauges

Pressure Gauges

Machinery manufacturing industry like agriculture, milking machine and so on

Hydraulic and pneumatic manufacturing industryPumps and Compressors

Heating and Refrigeration Systems

Water treatment industry and other industries.


Quality Class: 1,6 and 2,5
Mechanism: Brass
Body: Steel, chrome-plated or black oven-painted
Frame: Steel, black oven-painted, chromed or acrylic
Gland: Brass 1/2 BSP (Different threads can be made upon request)
Pressure Element: Cu Sn 8 Bourdon Scuba
Dial: Aluminium, white background black scale or black background white scale
Filling: Glycerine
Measurement unit: bar/psi
Measurement Range: -1 – 0 bar /psi 0-1 bar /psi 0-16 bar /psi 0-160 bar /psi
-760..0 Hgmm 0-2,5 bar /psi 25 bar /psi -250 bar /psi
-1- +3 bar /psi 0-4 bar /psi -40 bar /psi 0-315 bar /psi
-1-+5 bar /psi 0-6 bar /psi 0-60 bar /psi 0-600 bar /psi
-1-+15 bar /psi 0-10 bar /psi 0-100 bar /psi 0-1000 bar /psi
Standard: EN 837-1
Ambient temperature: -20…+60°C
Storage Temperature: -40…+70°C
Substance Heat: Up to 60 ◦C in soft solder, up to 100 ◦C in hard solder. In case of use up to 200 ◦C at higher temperatures, special manufacturing is required.
M 10m or other size record
Special scales, adding names to the dial, etc.
Stainless union and bourdon tube
Stainless and chrome body or frame
 Pressure Gauges
Pressure Gauges

Additional information

Çap | Diameter

Ø40, Ø52, Ø63, Ø100, Ø160